Our Approach

Our company has the simple philosophy of providing our clients with the ultimate service experience. When undertaking any project, we place our clients’ interest first. 

We truly strive to support our clients’ in all facets throughout the restoration process. Selecting our company is partnering with a company that has been built on excellent customer relations. We are a service company by profession and a restoration company by trade. Clean Pro is a family owned and operated company. Members of our team that are not in fact blood related, have put enough blood and sweat into the business to be considered our family. Our family cohesion creates a more efficient and effective team.

Clean Pro has been providing restoration services since 1997. In this industry, experience is paramount. Required knowledge is not only an understanding of the restoration services that we offer, but also in-depth knowledge of insurance coverages, adjuster relations, safety standards and customer service. We complete projects of all sizes and scopes, from single family homes to multi-story buildings. 

We grow and evolve by meeting our customers’ future needs. Tomorrow’s property restoration industry is in the hands of those whom recognize the key issues and challenges facing the marketplace.

We will create this value by continually producing exceptional quality with timely performance.

We will adhere to:

  • Safe practices in the workplace
  • Protection of the environment
  • Ethical dealings with all our stake holders
  • As a company, we seek continuous improvement in the productivity and quality of our work. Our goal is not to be the largest property restoration company in the marketplace, but a quality and value leader.

Our goal is not to be the largest property restoration company in the marketplace, but a quality and value leader of the industry.

Our object is to build personalized relationships with our clients and to focus our efforts on developing, and continually improving the skill-sets required to meet their needs.

Our clients are our partners. Our client’s interests are our interests.

This philosophy is ingrained in every member of Clean Pro’s team.

It is our core belief that the success of a business is directly correlated with the quality of the relationships cultivated within that business.

Start Your Project

We place tremendous value on preparedness and stress with our clientele. Working together as a team, we will be ready when you next loss occurs.